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10/13/2014 N0OUW fixed several items that posted to main page erroneously 

10/06/2014  N0OUW posted the Septemeber Splatter to tjhe website 

10/06/2014 N0OUW posted meeting miniutes up to and thru the Oct Board Meeting 

08/14/2014  N0OUW posted regular meeting minutes May-July and Board meeting minutes May-August

08/14/2014 N0OUW posted the August Splatter

07/27/14 N0OUW Posted the July Splatter

06/11/14 N0OUW Posted June Splatter.

Secret Message

This is from the Dec 2014 issue of QST: Raul Midon, a blind Jazz musician and CW enthusiast, added a "hidden message" to one of his songs:

Watch this on YouTube at about 1:20 into the song and here is a better version.

2013-2014 Thursday Nite Net Results

The attached file shows the participation in last years Thursday Nite Net. The highest three were given personal certificates.

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