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Welcome to the updated LARC website. 

The major update is to a new version of the website development software.   Most content has been moved from the prior version.  The new version provides many new capabilities that we intend to start using over the next several months.   Please use the contact form to send an email to the webmaster if you have trouble logging onto the updated site or experience any other problems accessing the content.   Please use the LARC web site forum or contact form to suggest new features, new content or any other recommendations for improving the web site.   I hope you enjoy the updated site and look forward to hearing suggestions on making it better.

Larry - AD0TT

Welcome to the Longmont Amateur Radio Club Website

Our club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at 7PM, in the Clover building at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.The address is 9595 Nelson Rd and is near the intersection of Nelson and Hover Roads in Longmont. As you enter the Fairgrounds driving North from the South entrance off Nelson road, the Clover building is the building you will see directly in front of you. It is not the smaller building off to the right, which houses the current Fairground offices.

RMNP - NPOTA Jan 2016

Activation of Rocky Mountain National Park Jan 2016

January 5th 2016, by Doug KE0SI

First contact was made at 11:37am.  Within 20 minutes he had a pileup that lasted until his radio battery went dead.

Total contacts 87.  26 states.  Band stick dipole antenna and 100 watts got signal reports from 55 to 59+20

Click on the PDF file at the bottom of this page to see results / notes / lessons learned / notes for next time.and more pictures.  

ARRL Field Day Report

   ARRL 2015 Field DayReport


2015 Field Day was a spectacular event, with 15 operators making 381 contacts.  Thanks guys for your good effort. 

We had three stations on the air much of the time. All our equipment was on battery power. using the batteries from a cell phone tower.  

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