Licensing / Testing

License and upgrade testing :

LARC provides license testing at 10:00am at the Niwot Fire Station:
The 2016 dates are: 2/27, 4/23, 6/25, 8/27, 10/22 and 12/10.

Request Test info: Contact Form

Please use this form to notify our VE's of your intent to attend a session and guarantee that there will be a testing session as scheduled 

Niwot Fire Station

8500 Niwot Road

Niwot, Colorado 80503

Please open the document at the bottom of this page to view a map of the location for this testing location 

Taking an FCC Exam you must bring the following:

- Two forms of identification one of which must be a photo identification or a certified birth certificate.

- your FRN (FCC Registration Number). Register at

- Original and one photocopy of current license, if any.

- Original and one photo copy of CSCE (Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam) toward the next class license, if any.

- $15.00 You may pay either in cash (exact change please), or by check made out to ARRL/VEC.

- Supplies: pen, pencils, eraser, calculator, etc.

The examination fee allows an examinee to take one test of each element. Element retakes are allowed for an additional payment of $15.00.


Testing Assistance:

There are several places on-line to take practice tests, including the following:

How to become a VE:

Serve the community - Be a Volunteer Examiner (VE).

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