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W0ENO Memorial

This page will contain a short biography and memorial to Frank Duff (W0ENO). Please let us know of even the smallest recollection (it may trigger the recollection of others). Help us fill in the blanks. Thanks.

"He was like a father to me." Chris Miller (K8CRM)

"Glad to know Frank lives on. He was a unique guy". John Brosnahan (W0UN)

John Brosnahan (W0UN), remembers Frank's one liners - like the following:

    • In reference to tuning a wire antenna: "I cut it off three times and it was still too short!".
    • He would always say "Reminds me of a girl I once knew in San Diego" no matter WHAT it was!
    • "It's so nice out I think I will leave it out!"
    • "Of all the things I like bestest, I think I like asbestos!"

Francis James Duff was born on May 23, 1927 in Aurora, Co. He was married to Pat. They had no children but Pat had 2 girls from a previous marriage. Frank worked for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).He passed on Aug 1, 1984.

Frank is beloved for his service to LARC in the office of service from yyyy to yyyy. His greatest contribution was building the first LARC repeater and getting that installed at the reservoir. Frank became a licensed ham in yyyy or when he was young.

Amateur radio certainly steered Frank toward his profession with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). After retirement from the FAA, Frank worked at John Brosnahan's small company - Tycho Technology. John remembers that Frank "...seemed to always wear the same uniform, tan colored work shirt and work pants with a white t-shirt."

Frank Duff

This picture taken by K8CRM of Frank was taken sometime between 1980 to 1982. (best guess)

As can be seen in the photo, he meets John Brosnahans "clothing description" to a tee. This is what Frank wore almost all the time. John may have forgotten the hat. If Frank was out side, the hat was on! - Chris Miller, K8CRM

Frank built the first 87/27 repeater in his basement.

It was fabricated from tube type GE receiver and transmitterstrips, as they were called then.

Once it was working OK, he decided to donate it to the club. Frank was also instrumental in securing the repeater location.

He had friends at the city government, and knew just who to lean on. He was never shy when it came to tapping city leaders.

He was so good, that the city gave about four of us our own private keys to the pump house.

After Frank passed away and new city leaders were elected or appointed, the keys were recalled.

The club bought and installed the tower, and then sold it to the city($1.00) for liability reasons.

I think Frank passed away in 1984, but, I'm not sure..........We miss you Frank...............Chris Miller, K8CRM

Lee Pitts (KL7CPO, formerly W0PGG) recalls: "...Frank and I were working on a repeater for 2 meters and he went home. On his way he made some copies for me then went home. His wife was preparing dinner so he layed down on the sofa and when dinner was ready she could not wake him (as he had passed away). We all missed him. A great man."

As to the time of year of the funeral, John Brosnahan remembers, "...that it was a nice day and the funeral was a warm day -- but I don't recall it being HOT. So probably spring or fall--"

"I was surprised to hear that his (Frank's) wife, Pat, had passed away not many years later in Arizona (I think she had moved to AZ or somewhere in the sun belt)." John Brosnahan

Frank is remembered and missed by many.


Frank Funeral



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