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This page can be used to post items for sale as well as items that you might be looking to purchase.

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  • 2m Cushcraft 10-el Yagi antenna - $75. Click for specs. Sebastian, NS0W. 303-324-7884.
  • Icom IC-7800 Ver 2. - $6500. Click for specs. Sebastian, NS0W. 303-324-7884.

Misc items for sale

Jerry - N0OUW

Ellie (N0QCX) has mentioned that she and Rip will be seling their home soon  and as a result they will be open to selling misc household items as well as amateur radio equipment.

Feel free to give Ellie a call at 303-494-5578 to inquire. 

For Sale

Icom IC-7410 HF/6M base radio for sale. Purchased in the last year, Great Radio. I upgraded to IC-9100 and have no need for 2 HF radios. Also has IC-FL431 3Khz Roofing Filter and IC-FL430 6Khz Roofing Filter installed. New price about $1950.00 with both filters. I am willing to let it go for $1500.00 or best offer.

Interested? Please e-mail

for sale

k0bsr als 500 m, $400. btv 6 $100. ben 720-442-5789


Wanted: Packet modem or TNC. Anyone cleaning house and unloading one of these? Setting up a station for my brother N2TDN in New York City, for emergency needs. Any help is appreciated. N0NMD email:

large tarheel $200, mfj magnetic loop $200. ben 720-442-5789